10 mayo, 2012

Showing the Longboardlopez Condomina 45" (english version)

I introduce the first review of the Condomina Longboardlópez, after several months developing and designing along with "Fran", and after almost two months skating, many hours, different set-ups, falls, tricks, jumps,I will try to show it as objectively as possible. I do not want to show beautiful pictures of the shiny table, I'll show photos of a table that gives a lot of work and I've done everything that is like more a enjoy,  to see nice photos visit the official website (bottom).Nothing else grab the table, you see a table 115x22 cm, symmetrical, no flex, with a special concave, generous tails and a nice design.Your ideal set-up are 180mm axes and 52 º (Randall, Paris, Bear ...) with soft bushings and, wheels 70 to 75mm rounded lip of 78a-86a hardness. It is impossible to wheel-bite.

From the beginning, we wanted a large deck, allowing you to be very comfortable and do cross step, but at the same time, light and has enough nerve to trick and go around the city.His qualities of dancing are many, has a very comfortable plantaform to do your steps, pivot table, and do all those movements that you feel a wave surfing.In freestyle, thanks to their tails can practice do all your tricks, manuals, shovits, down stairs, flip and any trick invented or not invented, gives rise to much creativity.You can also do moderate freeride,  its concave gives you plenty of grip, and you can drift in any way.


As one would expect, a table built hand made with three strips of ash (son in ash and  jatoba) solid 15mm, concave like tub-concave, the deck becomes rigid, improving its skills in making any Trick or slide,and increasing the life of the deck, it is impossible to break, nothing to worry about dropping any trick with feet slightly together.I love the feelings that it have transmitted, I'm really enjoying it. I've felt a lot of progression, and allows me to keep improving.Before closing I have to give many thanks to Longboardlópez, for giving me this opportunity and help my progression with more enthusiasm than ever.

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( Forgive my grammar and spelling mistakes, thanks)

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